When your body aches it’s hard to determine how much of it is attributed to your aging bones, overall health, and mindset. I am 54, not exactly a spring chicken anymore and I also have degenerating bones and arthritis; however, I’m also on the depressed atmosphere of things today. Sure I could gulp down some ibuprofen but that’s just one more thing to contribute to my annoyed liver. So how will I find any relief? Hmmmm, well let’s start off by seeing how I can address the emotional part of it all because, let’s face it, if you’re feeling glum your body’s glum right along with you. One of the ways I find to revise my mood is by changing my environment. No, I don’t mean move or even go out of the house, I mean change your feel within your dwellings. It’s a dismal day outside so making the environment inside brighter can assist in developing a brighter atmosphere. However, lighting may not be enough. CNN is on the back burner for now, the news is quite depressing these days and although the grandkids’ cartoons are peppy and have their attention, it’s not really helping my mood so I think it’s time to turn on some music; music almost always makes me feel better and the oldies are a genre that takes me back to a time when I didn’t ache but was active and outgoing. So, let’s tune in to some oldies. Ah, that’s much better. If I was here by myself I could dance like no one’s watching hahaha problem is; they’d be watching so I think I’ll just get up and stretch and move around a little to alleviate some of this stiffness in my bones and I’m betting from there I’ll be feeling a little better about my day. Hope my little snippet brought you a couple of useful tools to try yourself. Feel free to comment and always strive to reach your Healthy Horizons!