You may be wondering why I’ve posted a couple blogs of my creative writing when I describe this blog as a “health” blog, well it’s because as a person with mental conditions I write for my health. Writing is a crucial part to my survival. It’s not even a matter of want, it’s clearly a matter of need. I am so much healthier when I am writing and being artistic at some level.

Writing is my first and favorite form of art but I do many different things in the artistic arena.


Author: healthyhorizonsblog

I'm 54, a mother and grandmother. Being older I've come to realize the significance of one's health as over the years I've allowed mine to get in a dire state. I am diabetic, have high cholesterol, retain fluid, have fatty liver (non-alcoholic), have an eating disorder, bipolar, dysthymia, and anxiety and it's been said that I have ADD. I hope to create a blog that's as friendly as it is informative. It's emphasis will be on health!

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