As We Die

Twisted lives we sometimes lead

It’s not that we expected greed

Somehow we just got caught up

In the feeling of being numb

Not To feel the unbearable pain

Disappointing making us insane

We didn’t mean it, we did try

But the demon shows and the demon lies


Our sobering did come and go

Reminders, they cut deep you know

We’d fight and fight, becoming week

The demon knew, and he did creep

Slithered in with ravenous taste

Promising whatever it takes

And we’d believe, and we would fall

And then we’d scream “Fuck it all”


We knew we failed, we knew the crave

We knew the road this demon would pave

Now we crawl down that yellow brick road

Like the demon is offering streets of gold

Face the bowl as we heave

Demon die, demon leave

But he holds you in his embrace

And offers you another taste


The cycle continues, like a record spins

We play the same song over again

The worthlessness that we feel

Threatens everything that’s real

We have nothing left but defeat

He spits us out like a piece of meat

He smirks as we sit and cry

As we die a little more inside

As we die


Author: healthyhorizonsblog

I'm 54, a mother and grandmother. Being older I've come to realize the significance of one's health as over the years I've allowed mine to get in a dire state. I am diabetic, have high cholesterol, retain fluid, have fatty liver (non-alcoholic), have an eating disorder, bipolar, dysthymia, and anxiety and it's been said that I have ADD. I hope to create a blog that's as friendly as it is informative. It's emphasis will be on health!

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