How many have dealt with nights where sleep just doesn’t come? As someone who Has Bipolar Disorder this is something I deal with quite often; sometimes for so long that it’s nearly crippling. Most people get the impression that insomnia means that you go days, weeks, even months without sleep however, that’s not always the case. At the moment I don’t want to get into the facts about the condition; I’d rather speak to you on a more personal note, we can dabble in facts later. I don’t remember when I had a good sleep pattern. Even as a child my sleep was deprived. My parents’ were both drinkers and what’s worse is when they drank, they fought; I think I unintentionally trained myself just to be awake if they went out because I always expected something to happen and too often it did. It just continued into my adulthood though, there have been short periods where I have slept quite normally. Sleeping pills work for some, not for me. None that I’ve tried have put me to sleep; they just make it nearly impossible to wake up when I need to be awake so I quit trying them. By all means, don’t take this as advice because everyone is different and what doesn’t work for me may work well on someone else.

As we look into this further in a future blog, we can discuss the facts as well as types of solutions. Personally, I try to stick to routine but when that routine gets interrupted the battle is on to get it back on track once again. Share with me some things you may have tried on sleepless nights that worked for you. Goodnight and may God bless your Healthy Horizons!


Author: healthyhorizonsblog

I'm 54, a mother and grandmother. Being older I've come to realize the significance of one's health as over the years I've allowed mine to get in a dire state. I am diabetic, have high cholesterol, retain fluid, have fatty liver (non-alcoholic), have an eating disorder, bipolar, dysthymia, and anxiety and it's been said that I have ADD. I hope to create a blog that's as friendly as it is informative. It's emphasis will be on health!

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